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Founder & President

Tommy is OATH's founder and dedicated President. He leads the board with integrity and concern for our many clients. Tommy knows what it's like to not know where you will get your next meal, or how to stay dry in the elements because he lived through homelessness. He knows the struggle and does everything to help those who he relates to more than anyone knows. He also is the manager of OATH Builders, a company we created to employ homeless individuals and get them back to a life of stability.


Hope Sabbagh

Vice President, MSW, Grants

Hope Sabbagh (MSW), Graduate from Marywood University, came to OATH in 2020 and has been an imperative advocate and humanitarian in Allentown for 7 years. She has provided social work intern services in the streets, institutions, schools, hospitals, hotels, and the local prison. Hope has completed and served the Allentown School District as the homeless liaison for almost 3 years where she identified hundreds of children from elementary to high-school and provided assistance through McKinney-Vento Assistance Act.  She sits on the Allentown Homeless Commission and chairs the education sector sub-committee for the Lehigh Valley Regional Advisory Board.



 Director of Marketing & Communications

Jennifer has been with OATH since 2018. Being a life long family friend of our Co-Founder Dean Smith, Jennifer was dedicated to making sure Deans memory was not lost. She brings her creative skills and dedication as she manages several OATHS needs including graphic design, website administrator, program management and serves as our secretary. Jennifer also currently serves as a commissioner for the City of Allentown's Homeless Commission.



Treasurer, Director of Facilities

Christina is the back bone of OATH. She is in charge of our programs and services throughout the week. She is on the front lines at OATH. For the last 10 years, she has never missed a day of service. She is an invaluable member of our team.



Director of Technology & Information

Samantha is our cybersecurity, social media, information & internet superhero! She is a marketing & cyber security specialist. She was a good friend of our Co-Founder Dean Smith who passed away. She came to OATH in 2020 and throughout the pandemic was making sure OATH had clothing, facemarks, and other supplies for our homeless in Deans memory. We are pleased to have her aboard at OATH to carry on his legacy.



Client Resources Director

Jeani is a community rockstar! OATH has always valued Jeani and her ability to make magic happen when we are stuck with no where to turn with clients. Her dedication and passion for her community can be seen in the many organizations she has worked with and operates herself. She is the founder and President of Mother 2 Mother an organization to help families who have lost children due to gun violence.



Program Director

Eva cam to OATH in 2020 as a volunteer. She has worked hard and made herself an integral part of our team. Eva is a home healthcare worker and she manages our core program operations as well as our volunteer coordinator. She is an amazing woman and our clients adore her.

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