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Operation Address The Homeless 

221 N 7th Street Allentown PA 18102



It is the mission of Operation Address the Homeless (OATH) to strengthen and support our communities by providing short term solutions and individualized habilitative services to individuals and families who are homeless and to advocate for collaborative, locally driven means to end homelessness.Helping improve the quality of life.


Our primary aim is to offer a stabilizing base of support for homeless men, women, and families as they transition back into our community. We believe our services should actively involve those in need of assistance through medical, financial, and life skills, and be of the highest quality and delivered with compassion and understanding. We subscribe to the tenet that all human beings have the inherent right to be treated with dignity and respect and we strive to embody and pass on those qualities to all we serve and those we maintain relationships with in our communities.

In memory of our Co-Founder Dean Smith