OATH continues to  work diligently on creating beneficial outreach programs. To date,  we have been supplying food, water, clothing, blankets, tents, and more to the homeless community. Yet we are still pushing to do more,  as it is needed.


We currently are hosting FREE MILK for the community every Friday till the end of August 2020. The weekly event supplied 4000 gallons of milk per week since May 202 to the community free of charge. So Far we have Supplied over 50,000 Gallons of Milk to the community and local 501c3 organizations in our area.  


One day, OATH hopes to operate a Mobile Outreach Center,  therefore,  we are looking for assistance from people like you. Our OATH Mobile Outreach Center would add more quality to the lives of our homeless population,  as it could carry  a team of medical professionals, a shower, a kitchenette, storage for both dry goods,  and non-perishable food supplies. OATH's  Mobile Outreach Center would not only allow us to help more people, but we'd be able to  travel to their locations, and provide them with medical and mental health services too. As you know, the homeless population needs a lot of attention that they aren't getting. 


Through use of successful fundraising events , we continue to  raise awareness , and raise money to fund our mission. If you have the ability to help another person, we ask that you get involved with OATH by sending a donation.


Please visit our events page for upcoming fundraisers and events , and for a chance to meet our dedicated team members. 

Thank you for the entire OATH team!